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About Joe Muscle BANDUNG

Joe Muscle Bandung started humbly in 1997, personal training in a small gym; and operating a nutrition store near Seattle Washington.

Our prime focus was fat loss and nutrition. We spent the first three years studying how foods react to different body types. We discovered which foods were best and which foods were worst for most bodytypes.


We moved to Indonesia  in 2005 to open our first Private gym and teach HIT (Hi Intensity Training) to our clients aka  our “DysfuNCtional Family”.


This training system takes half the time and produces the fastest progress of any other program we used!

at a mere 30 min and just 3 times a week our clientele would see drastic changes to their bodies in just a month or two!

We progressed with this style, adding in new dimensions to yield even better results!

Next evolution was incorporating HIIT cardio (Hi Intensity Interval Training) into our programs which once again yielded even greater responeses in both fat loss and muscle gain!


We unfortunately could only work with a select exclusive clientle until recently.


Now we are bringing our knowledge and experience to the masses; to all of you!!

Not only are we bringing cutting edge proven workout systems, and the highest rate nutritional programs; but also at a price unmatched by anyone in the industry!


Come check us out!



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